Service Policy

    NEWTECH, together with all NEWTECH distributors around the globe, are committed to offer prompt and professional services to all the NEWTECH users. If you are an NEWTECH user, you can contact your local distributor for any service requests. NEWTECH users could not reach an NEWTECH distributor, please CONTACT US!

Standard Warranty
NEWTECH provides a one-year-warranty for all warranted products. The warranty period begins on the date of products shipped to Customers. If Customers promptly notify NEWTECH of Customer's Warranty Claim hereunder, NEWTECH will adjust, repair or replace (with new or exchanged replacement parts) the NEWTECH's products.

Extension of Warranty
Extension of standard Warranty is available on (main unit only):
12 Months extension: a premium of 5% on original price
6 Months extension: if NEWTECH receives a duly completed and executed Installation Record from customer in the format provided by NEWTECH within 6 months from the date of dispatch from NEWTECH factory, extended warranty of 6 months will be added to the original warranty period.

Exemption of Warranty
NEWTECH's obligation or liability under this Warranty Policy does not include any transportation or other charges or liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages or delay resulting from improper use or application of the products.