Newtech partnerships with Masimo

    Newtech partnerships with Masimo

    New voytek, a leading China EMS system of the company, and the United States Masimo company establish strategic partner relationship,

    Integrated rainbow ® SET noninvasive measuring technique to new patient monitor


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    AlphaPR Newswire (China) Shenzhen, Irvine (California), March 28, 2011 Newtech company with the United States Masimo Corporation (Nasdaq

    The securities code: MASI) today jointly announced that, by virtue of new technology integration strategy, Masimo rainbow series of carbon and oxygen pulse measurement

    The technology platform will soon become the basic platform of the Newtech Emergency Medical Services (EMS) technology and product line of multi-parameter. This will provide first aid

    Clinicians to provide a large number of innovative non-invasive, continuous measurement techniques, and will monitor the patient's potential threat.

    "Through the integration of Masimo rainbow series, the EMS market will provide patients with the most advanced monitoring

    Technology, "the Newtech general manager Wang dry soldiers said," In the next five years, because of the strong support of the government funds, the market potential of China EMS

    Huge. As an innovative medical device company, we are very pleased to partner with Masimo to provide customers meet their

    Before and the best technology of the future first aid needs. "

    Masimo rainbow series, non-invasive continuous measurement techniques - such as whole blood hemoglobin (SpHb), oxygen content

    (SpOC ™), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO ®), methemoglobin (SpMet ®), Pleth Variability Index (PVI ®), rainbow respiratory rate

    Monitoring ™ (RAM ™), as well as to move the gold standard antibody and anti-low perfusion performance of Masimo the Set oxygen, perfusion index, pulse rate

    (PR) - provide detailed physiological data to help clinicians to quickly assess the patient's hypoxia and anoxia type as early as possible

    Adverse conditions. Such a detailed, timely, credible clinical data, clinicians, hemodynamic instability, bleeding and other potential threats

    Early detection and immediate treatment, do not drag the course of the late and facing the pain and risk.

    Newtech use of wireless broadband communications technology that allows the patients vital signs information through 3G and 4G network and Internet seamlessly transfer to the

    Up to 120 emergency medical information platform and the hospital's emergency department. This real-time, live video, audio, and vital signs data, nursing

    Member of the point of care or ambulance for immediate assessment and management of patients. Palm type emergency signal can be NT1D multi-parameter monitor or NT3C and

    The NT5 first aid car patient monitoring equipment to transmit. Signal the base station can be a remote centralized monitoring system or hospital emergency department, medical staff

    There to be notified in advance and prepare for the possible treatment options.

    Prehospital / EMS, early interventions can greatly shorten the treatment time of the accident and emergency patients, especially in the non-central urban areas, can significantly reduce

    Mortality, improve treatment and improve patients' chances of survival. Rainbow series of technical integration, critical blood components.

    Line non-invasive monitoring, such as whole blood hemoglobin content (SpHb), Pleth Variability Index (PVI), the content of carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO), which will help

    Clinician assessment and treatment of pre-hospital / EMS patients, but the nurses are also in pre-hospital bleeding, anemia and even carbon monoxide poisoning disease

    Diagnosis and treatment.

    U.S. Masimo's global OEM business and president of Business Development, Rick Fishel, Masimo company's target is

    In new areas and clinical application of non-invasive monitoring techniques, in order to improve patient treatment and reduce treatment costs. The Newtech companies in the patient

    Real-time monitoring of technical innovation - through remote and non-urban environment, the ambulance transit, or any other possible medical point

    Real-time seamless connectivity monitoring of patient vital signs, on behalf of the joint vision: science and technology to bring patients, rather than the patient to push Branch

    Technology, so that patients can get immediate early healing. We are very pleased that Masimo's unique rainbow pulse of carbon and oxygen measurement platform to become a Newtech

    Monitoring (technical), a key component.

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    Newtech Company Profile

    Newtech Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is China's fastest growing medical device manufacturers. The company is committed to the EMS disease

    Person monitoring system for the design, manufacture and sales. Newtech company is located in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprises in 2001,
                  Germany the TüV's
    quality system certification in 2002. Newtech company's products all through the China National Food and Drug Administration

    Board review, many products have EU CE certification, and the U.S. FDA (510K) access. Information the more Duoniutaike company and its products, please visit

    Recorded in the company's Web site:

     U.S. Masimo Company

    The Masimo Company (NASDAQ: MASI) is the global leader in breakthrough-type non-invasive monitoring techniques. This technology can significantly improve patient care

    Management quality, and help solve "unsolvable" problems. Masimo in 1995, the first to introduce energy into the movement and low perfusion case

    Line measurement of pulse oximetry. The product is named Masimo SET, to the greatest extent possible to eliminate false positives and improve the pulse oximeter probe fatal

    Events. More than 100 independent and objective studies have confirmed that even in the most challenging clinical conditions (such as patient motion or low perfusion),

    Masimo SET also be the most reliable SpO2 and pulse values. In 2005, Masimo introduced rainbow ® SET pulse of carbon and oxygen analyzer.

    Different from the practice of invasive measurement rainbow ® SET pulse of carbon and oxygen analyzer to non-invasive, continuous, real-time measurement of blood components, such as whole blood, blood-red

    Protein (SpHb ®), oxygen content (SpOC ™), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO ®), methemoglobin (SpMet (®), Pleth Variability Index (PVI ®),

    As well as SpO2, pulse rate and perfusion index (PI) was measured. In 2008, Masimo introduced Patient for SafetyNet ™ system, a wireless remote

    Monitoring and clinician notification system designed to help hospitals avoid preventable deaths and injuries, and failed to rescue the event. 2009

    Masimo introduced the Rainbow Acoustic Monitoring ™, is the first non-invasive, continuous respiratory rate (RRa ™). Monitoring equipment. Masimo

    Rainbow SET platform, suddenly, in order to provide for patient safety by helping clinicians to monitor life-threatening situation, and to guide treatment options

    Breaking progress. In 2010, Masimo introduced SEDLine ®, the pioneer of the innovative aspects of brain function monitoring technology and equipment development. Masimo

    SET and Masimo Rainbow SET technology are applied in the 50 leading brands of 100 OEM monitor. Founded in 1989

    Of Masimo Corporation, always adhering to the enterprise so that through the new parts noninvasive monitoring to improve treatment outcomes and reduce care costs, "

    Lives. More Masimo and its products, please visit our website:

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    Feed and the prediction of patient safety risks, we believe that the Masimo Rainbow SET measurements early detection of all patients

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